What is Last Night?

Last Night is an all-night, alcohol-free, and substance-free evening of festivities for the graduating seniors at Westford Academy.

 Over 250 volunteers come together to host the event for the Westford Academy Graduating class on their graduation night.  One “Last Night” at WA. 

 Every family in Westford and every local business is contacted in an effort to raise money and solicit volunteers. Through the generous donations of time and money from numerous individuals, families, and businesses in town, the event is self-supportive, and much appreciated by the graduates and the parents.

Throughout the evening, the graduates play casino games, have fun in the gym with lots of activities, play skill games to win prizes, and enjoy spectacular professional entertainment in Westford Academy’s beautiful auditorium.

The Last Night at WA ends in the early morning with breakfast where more surprises are shared with the graduates.

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